A downloadable game for Windows

This is a short horror game, and my first game, you need to do a one thing, find the camera



-Mouse 1= Interact

-Q/E= Bend Down


Updated 5 days ago
Published 15 days ago
TagsCreepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Dowload TheShed and only you need to extract the zip


The Shed 497 MB
The Shed Old version 496 MB


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This was very trippy and really spooky! Well done, I look forward to the next chapter! 


Wanna see my playthrough?


Very fun to play had a blast :)


interesting game I couldnt finish it tho 

here is the blind playthrough watch here


This made me jump a few times and i found this pretty creepy tbh! So good job!!! 

Loved the game! only thing I had a problem with was it being so dark, that i couldnt see alot of it

You play the old version xd


ohhhhh thats why lol. still good tho!


Really liked this game. It was so creepy and the scares really got me :< I'm looking forward to chapter two!


I was so lucky to be joined with John Cena for this let's play. Epic game. We loved the looping cycle and jumpscares! Keep up the good work!

Great game! Waiting for chapter 2 :) 


Awesome game!! ✌✌✌✌✌✌


Really cool game. I can't wait to see more of it. Keep it up! 


Ta piolísima el juego.


Not a bad game, it's just a bit too dark sometimes, over all good work :)


Congratulations for such a beautiful game, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and help me, thanks to everyone ...


the game is too dark